Detailing FAQs

What is detailing?

Detailing is a process of thorough cleaning, polishing, restoration, and impregnation of the exterior and interior of a vehicle to achieve and maintain the best possible (“showroom”) appearance. At Geaux Preaux, we use specialized and state-of-the-art detailing equipment and products, combined with methodology in line with global trends, to achieve the best results. Our numerous regular clients attest to the quality of our work.

What is the difference between a regular car wash and auto detailing?

Unlike a regular car wash, auto detailing includes cleaning, polishing, restoration, and impregnation of the exterior and interior of a vehicle. The cleaning process is significantly more detailed and involves precise use of specialized non-invasive chemical agents. The goal of the detailing process is to achieve and maintain the “showroom” appearance of the vehicle. A detailing treatment takes significantly longer than a regular car wash, up to 7 working days.

How much does detailing cost, and how long does it take?

The price and time required for treatment depend on the type of desired services, the size of the car, and the condition it is in.

What are protective coatings, and how are they used?

Protective coatings are special hydrophobic agents applied to the surfaces of cars, motorcycles, furniture, and other objects, imparting new properties to the surface. The main property is water repellency (or hydrophobicity), which provides the following benefits:

  • Dirt adheres much less to the surface.
  • Saves up to 50% of the time spent washing and drying the vehicle.
  • Other contaminants adhere much less to the surface

What does paint decontamination mean?

Paint decontamination involves removing impurities that cannot be removed by standard washing. It is performed in two stages: chemical decontamination (using specialized chemical agents) and mechanical decontamination (using a clay bar).

Why and how often should a car be polished?

Polishing a car is a method for correcting paint, and its frequency should be adjusted to the maintenance and condition of the paint, which is individual for each car.

Does polishing damage the paint?

No, polishing only slightly thins the clear coat. At Geaux Preaux, the polishing process includes measuring the thickness of the clear coat on all painted surfaces to precisely determine its current state. For example, three-stage polishing of a car can be done an average of 3-4 times before the paint becomes too thin for further treatment.

Does polishing remove all scratches from a car?

Polishing can remove mild scratches and between 50% and 90% of damage. It is not possible to remove deep scratches where the clear coat is penetrated, and the paint is damaged – in such cases, painting is necessary.

How often should a deep or chemical car wash be done?

It depends on usage and maintenance. Ideally, it can be done four times a year, once for each season.

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